Do scalp care, reduce dandruff

The first step of scalp care: choose shampoo.
The most important thing about the scalp is cleanliness. Start with a shampoo, thoroughly clean the inside of the scalp and let the hair dry naturally. When excessive secretion of sebum leads to scalp sensitivity, the shampoo should be carefully selected. However, to clean the hair and care for the scalp, shampoo that contains a lot of chemicals is counterproductive.

The second step of scalp care: massage of the scalp.
A good shampoo with a proper massage on the scalp helps to maintain a firm scalp. The massage of the scalp helps the blood circulation in the scalp and discharges the waste, which has a significant effect on the care of the scalp and in the prevention of hair loss.

If you take an extra time to do a massage on the scalp and it will take a long time, you can wash your hair while doing it. You can massage directly with your fingers or choose a special massage tool. However, keep in mind that if the force is too high, it will cause irritation in the sebaceous glands. Therefore, pay attention to the light press. Take care of the scalp to reduce hair loss and dandruff.