Is the scalp sensitive to oil and dandruff? Start with correct shampoo and hair care

Do not use your nails to scratch your scalp
Even when shampooing or irritating the scalp, do not use your nails to scratch your scalp! This can cause irritation and damage the sensitive scalp. The correct way is to clean the scalp with the fingertips, which can effectively reduce irritation and protect the scalp.

Avoid rubbing the hair with a towel
When drying your hair after shampooing, try not to rub the hair with a towel. This is easy to damage the health of the hair. If you are used to drying with a towel, you can choose a towel that is very absorbent and press the hair on both sides with a towel, do not rub. This will absorb some of the moisture and reduce the damage to the hair. In addition, after shampooing, the hair should be dried as quickly as possible, and damp hair should be exposed to the air for a long time, which is also likely to cause injury.

Ensure the proper frequency of shampoo
To be healthy on the scalp, care must be taken to cleanse the scalp and hair and maintain proper shampooing time. Do not wash your hair for a long time, do not wash it too often. The specific frequency can also be determined according to your own scalp. It is usually a common frequency to wash once every two days. Make sure the scalp is clean and avoid excessive pores that block the pores.

Frequently changes the line of the hairline
If you remain in the central or lateral distribution type for a long time, you should pay attention to the change of the fork dividing line. Do not expose the scalp of a certain area for a long time to minimize damage to the scalp.